The Villages R/C Car Racing Club

The Villages R/C Car Club
I feel the need for speed!
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The Villages R/C Car Club had its beginnings with members of The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club.  In late 2011 the R/C racing had shown significant growth.  So much growth that the decision was made to continue the Village Cup, but as R/C car race instead of the go-karts used in the previous races.
R/C racing continued in 2012 and beyond using Colony Cottage and Sea Breeze parking lot space. Other Villages’ venues were also used.  In early 2013 Dave Allen was elected as the VP of The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club. Under his leadership the R/C racing continued to grow.  They were racing at Colony Cottage, Hacienda Recreation Center and at the Oxford Baptist Church gym.  When Dave Allen completed his term as VP of the Motor Racing Fan Club he continued to devote his efforts on further development of The Villages R/C Car Club.  In mid 2015 the group left the Sea Breeze racing venue and took up residence at the 301 Raceway in Wildwood.  By then the club was about 90 active members strong.  The club subsequently moved back to the Sea Breeze Recreation Center and in January
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